Yet Another 911-iPhone-Clock-Delete-Mount

Seems wrong to add such gadgetry to such an analog machine, but well, too bad...


1. 3" fiberglass-like drain grate from Home Depot
2. Cheap universal phone/PDA mounts off eBay
3. Zip ties - mount to drain grate
4. Bicycle tube piece - a "gasket" to stabilize/fill in the space not covered by the grate
5. Rubber bands to hold tube in place
6. sissors to cut excess zip tie

1. thread zip ties through mounting holes of PDA vise
2. hold chunk of bicycle tube on grate using rubberband

1. remove clock - tape the contacts, don't loose the little bulb within. Put clock in safe place in case we want to use it again.
2. adjust gasket towards the grate facing
3. try the iPhone in the vise grips, adjust to taste

1. try Google maps app
2. try iPod to Stereo AUX - not much room for the plug, device top faces forward

Next steps:
0. test in moving vehicle
1. try running AUX wire from kickboard to upper dash behind/through the mount - non-trivial going from lower to upper dash during initial attempt
2. run a charger off the clock power behind the mount
3. try old-school iPod